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How to backup footage

2017-05-12 16:43:59 yeskamservice Read

Here are two ways to back up the footage.

1) USB backup: Plug the USB disk to spare USB Port of NVR if it has 2 USB Port.

For NVR with single USB Port:

 a, use USB hub which have several usb ports to backup

 b, plug mouse to usb port, click mouse to pop out NVR main menu, then click Video Backup, select the video you want to backup, choose "USB Storage"and click "backup", Unplug the mouse and plug the usb disk to backup. 


2)Backup via CMS software: 

 a, Your NVR system is online and added in CMS software. (If didn’t run CMS on your computer, learn more from the web


b. Select” BACK UP” , Remote, Date, Search;

c. Select the video File You need to back up, click “ start backup”  and save to your required computer file.