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Network Setup

2017-04-20 16:09:17 yeskamservice Read

If your system shown “OFFLINE”, below solution for your reference.

Firstly Please connect the NVR recorder WAN Port to your Router with Ethernet cable.

Solution 1 : Automatic get IP address from your router and get online.

1.) In NVR Menu>System Setup>Network Setup, Enable the DHCP.( It means the NVR system will automatic get IP address and internet from your router) But need make sure your router DHCP also already enable. 

If not, please enter your router administrator to enable DHCP.

2.)The second way to auto configure, Right click the mouse > Fast network.


Solution 2: Manual add your IP address to your NVR recorder system.

Firstly please Disable the DHCP

For example, you regards this NVR recorder as a independently computer, it’s the same way operation as how do you setup/fix a IP address to your computer.

you can setup/fix a IP address for this NVR recorder as same way.

If still any questions freely contact us.