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NVR noisy because of Hard Drive Issue

2017-04-20 15:42:42 yeskamservice Read

If your system pre-installed with hard drive. 

1. Firstly do you already setup motion detection?  

because if motion activated, the system will alarm.

if enable, please remove it/disable the buzzer.


2.Please right click mouse enter your NVR recorder menu> system setup > HDD Setup, to check whether your HDD status Formatted. if not, please select it and click formatted.

Then reboot the system, ( right click the mouse )  


3. If still bebebe... noise, we supposed the hard drive shaking and not contact well during shipment. so please take your time open the black box/NVR recorder. 

Our manual user is step 5.   

please Install the hard drive again, make sure the cable connect well, and test one day, after confirm works well, you fixed the cover again.  normally it will works well again.

If our hard drive quality problem, we will exchange a new hard drive for you,


4. The card had a flip out with contacts on it, that fit into a regular USB socket .

please read the video and manual user in this USB Card.