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Yeskam Wireless Camera System Video Detection Area Edit

2017-03-30 19:53:05 yeskamservice Read

Yeskam Wireless Camera System Video Detection Area Edit

The Yeskam wireless camera system features video motion detection. The motion detection can trigger either an email alert, or the built-in buzzer in the NVR. 
Whether you want to set motion detection to trigger buzzer, or email alert, we suggest you to select buzzer during the settings so you have real time responses/ indications.
1.Click right button on mouse --> go to System Setup  --> Record Setup  --> Video detection, you shall find the options.   
2. Select the channel you want to edit, select the Buzzer, then click Area edit. 
Tips: Please mind the channel #. You can only setup one channel’s motion detection at a time. The NVR has one buzzer only so if you missed the settings of any channel, it could trigger the only buzzer/ email alert.


3. Entering the Area edit you should see page as below picture. The blue area is the area that the camera is detecting. So the system detects full picture by default. 
Click right button you can clear all detected area. (Transparent with no color)

Detects full picture