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What's the WiFi distance of yeskam wireless kits

2017-03-30 19:49:17 yeskamservice Read

Between each camera to the NVR:
In open space we tested 350m (1000ft) working distance;
With normal obstacles like 1-2 walls, we tested 70m (200ft) working distance.
For distance we only have theoretical values.
No certain distance can be guaranteed due to different environments applied in.
It varies depending on obstacles and signal interference.
In open area without signal interference, the distance might be even further than 350m; on the contrast, if there are many blocks and signal interference between, the distance could be closer.
One fact is, 350m away in open space, your iPhone/ Android devices should not be able to find your home WiFi hotspot. So the Yeskam kits are having pretty good & applicable WiFi distance.