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What if I cannot get any display on TV from the NVR system

2017-08-12 15:16:14 yeskamservice Read

What if I cannot get any display on monitor from the NVR system, usually it is caused by resolution compatibility issue


The default output resolution of the NVR is 1280*1024, Please check what's your monitor resolution input and adjust the NVR resolution to match your monitor.


1. Connect the NVR to any other screen via VGA to enter the system; (or you may also try any other screen via HDMI to see if you can enter the menu)

2. When you are able to see the menu, click right button on mouse, go to System Setup – General Setup – Screen Setup – VGA resolution; change it to match your primary monitor> apply to save the setting.

3. Connect the NVR back to your primary monitor via HDMI/VGA cable. You should have it worked with the screen.


Once enter the NVR Recorder menu, right click mouse> system setup> general setup>Screen setup , adjust the resolution match with your monitor.

lost video.png

Or Change the resolution via PC:

1. Connect your NVR to the router to make it online.

2. Download the CMS PC Client software from xmartO website: 
and install it in your computer.

3. Run the CMS on your computer, it will search the device in LAN and add device automatically. 

4. After your NVR device is added to CMS, click Settings in upper navigation. Then click Device settings at left. Click the device ID listed on upper right to start loading information of this device. Then click Network settings, you'll find the NVR's IP address here, as shown in below screenshot.

5. After you get the NVR IP address, please enter the NVR's IP address in your IE browser, for example,, click go. You'll then see below login interface.

6. Input your NVR login username and login password. If you didn't set that, just click Login.
Then you will get to the interface below:

3.png7. Click settings icon on the left bottom, you will get to the settings below:

8. Click General, then go to VGA resolution to select the one that is compatible with your monitor/TV and click save. You will hear a beep from your NVR. Wait for a while for the resolution to be correct.