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View your cameras via CMS PC Client Software

2017-05-12 16:41:12 yeskamservice Read

View your cameras via CMS PC Client Software

The CMS (Central Management System) is a relatively professional solution on PC. It enables you to view, playback and manage the yeskam cameras/ camera system on PC Client. 

Step1, Connect the NVR to home internet. (Make Sure your system is online)

Step2, Download CMS software. (Note: Only support Windows System)

CMS software attached in Red USB Disk Card)

Download web:

Step3, Run CMS software

A: Install CMS on your computer

B: Select adapter (Skip this step if this did not pop-up.)


Choose Local Area Connect if your Desktop PC with Ethernet Cable connection

Choose Wifi if you laptop connecting via Wifi

C, Add Device:

Click setting> device manage> Add > By Esee ID

-ESee ID (device ID on NVR), 
-Username & Password (same as on NVR), 
-Device name
-Number of channels 
click “Confirm”to complete adding device.


D. View Cameras on PC Client. 

You shall see the device listed out on right. Click "Preview" and then "Open All" below to connect all cameras.


Connect information will be displayed at the bottom. Once cameras are connected, you’ll be able to see live video of the cameras. If some cameras failed to connect at the first time, click "Open All" again to re-connect the cameras.