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View your cameras on mobile

2017-05-03 12:52:46 yeskamservice Read

Our system is easy to remote access, you can remote view, picture snapshot, recording, playback via smart phone.

The steps as below:

1. Connect NVR WAN port with home router LAN port via ethernet cable , make sure your cloud ID system online.


2. Download APP “IP Pro” from APP store or google play


3. Register and log in the Phone APP 


4. Tap “+” on the right corner of phone > Add device by ID (scan/manual cloud ID of device) 


Cloud ID: a, right button corner of monitor

        b, Back of NVR recorder (black box)

        c, Right click mouse>system setup>network setup> cloud

Description: rename for the system (such as home, office...)

User Name: default is admin

Password: default is empty, let is blank

5. Click “start” to view the cameras anywhere anytime. 

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