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Upgrade Yeskam Firmware

2017-12-11 16:11:12 yeskamservice Read

Upgrade Yeskam Firmware



1. Right click your mouse, then click System setting – System Admin – System upgrade, you’ll see below interface (NVR recorder and Camera upgrade separated.)


2. NVR firmware, copy the firmware .rom file to an USB flash disk’s root directory, not in any folder. Plug the USB disk to NVR’s USB port. (USB format should be FAT32. if not, please formatted to FAT32)

TIPS: If your NVR Recorder only 1 USB port. please use the USB hub, or after click “ start”, remove the mouse, plug your upgrade file USB flash.

3. Choose Offline Upgrade, USB storage and System. Click Start.

4. You can see the system upgrade progress in the progress bar, waiting for the system to finish upgrading and it will reboot automatically when finish.

5. After upgrading NVR firmware, please go to Video Manage interface and click Auto Add. It will help you find all cameras back.(right click mouse> video manage> auto add)


If your system can not restart after upgrade system.

Please copy the firmware “help.rom” to USB Disk,not in any folder, plug the USB disk to NVR’USB port.

Once NVR restart , you can hear”DI” waiting about 3 minutes. system will recover system and automatic restart.

Tips: If your NVR freezes or says "wireless device failed", please unplug power to reboot system 1 or few times till it successfully booted.
Note: After successfully upgrade NVR’s firmware, please go to Device Manage - click “Auto Add” to find cameras back.