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upgrade antenna if wifi signal weak

2017-05-03 11:28:12 yeskamservice Read

Can I upgrade the NVR and Camera antennas to get stronger WiFi?

Yes, both the cameras' and NVR's antennas can be upgraded to get better WiFi signal.

1. If you have the 4 channel Yeskam wireless system and only 1or 2 of the cameras are not connected (have weak signals), you may only need to upgrade the cameras’ antennas. The biggest issue for the cameras is not distance, but obstacles, typically walls, especially metal walls. You can use extendable wired antennas to bring antennas inside walls; while leaving cameras outside walls.
Both below antennas would do the job for cameras:


2. If you have the 8 channel Yeskam wireless system and more than 3 of them are not connected, we suggest you go for upgrading the NVR antennas first, if they are enough, then you don’t need spend more for the camera antennas.
The 2 antennas come with the NVR is 5dB, you may upgrade them to 9db


This should give all the cameras better WiFi signals since the NVR is playing as a hub.

With the combination of above antenna upgrade, you should be able to have all cameras connected.