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Tips to avoid frequent repeated email alerts

2017-07-26 11:44:28 yeskamservice Read

Tips to avoid frequent repeated email alerts

The motion triggered alerts generated as long as the cameras detect any movement. 
That's the 2 sides of a coin. If it does not do that immediately, some users may complain that cause them losing certain moment; if it does, then there could be too many emails.
There are some settings we can make it more reasonable:
1. Mask unnecessary areas. Say if in the view of a camera there a tree moving frequently. That could trigger unnecessary email alerts. You can use video mask feature of this system to avoid those alerts. 


Entering the Area edit you should see page as below picture. The blue area is the area that the camera is detecting. So the system detects full picture by default. 
Click right button you can clear all detected area. (Transparent with no color)


2. Except for that, you can also adjust the video detection sensitivity of each camera. 
Setting could be found at System Setup --> Record Setup --> Video Detection --> Sensitivity. 



1. There are five grades of sensitivity: Highest, Higher, Moderate, Lower, Lowest. The higher the sensitivity, the easier the moving object be detected.

2. There are four types of motion detection alarm: Alarm, Buzzer, E-Mail Notificatin, APP Notification.

3. If choose Alarm as motion detection type, then you’ll need to go to “Record Setup” - “Sensor Setup” to set the operation mode as “Normally Open”. But our system doesn't support that function. 

4. If you set certain areas to be excluded from the detection areas, but still get alarm (such as buzzer), it could be triggered by other channels. (channel 2, channel 3, channel 4…)