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How to setup repeater function

2017-03-30 19:07:43 yeskamservice Read

How to setup repeater function

Please kindly email via  about your NVR recorder and Camera version to us before setup repeater function.

NVR recorder software version:

1. Right click mouse enter NVR recorder > system setup>System Admin>System version


IP Camera software version

 2. Right click mouse enter NVR recorder > system setup>System Admin>IPC Maintenance


If needed upgrade, please follow up our manual user for upgrade system version.

After confirm your system version support repeater function.

Please take the cameras near NVR recorder , and plug the power supply.

Enter NVR menu>video manage> Repeater 


For example,

if channel 1 camera ,will install more near to the NVR recorder with full wifi signal,  

channel 2 camera , will install far from NVR recorder with weak signal.

Click "+"  ,select channel 2 ,  channel 1 repeater the wifi signal to channel 2.   

Because as this way, channel 1 camera will be a new mid transmitter.

After finish repeater setting successfully, keep remember mount the camera 1 near NVR recorder as middle(better to make a mark stick ) , mount the channel 2 camera as your required long distance installation.