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How do I add a new camera to Yeskam wireless NVR kit

2017-05-23 10:26:54 yeskamservice Read

How do I add a New Camera to Yeskam Wireless NVR Kit

Applies to NVR firmware version older than
In case you want to add more camera to your Yeskam wireless NVR system (your system need to be extendable), or you lose the connection of a camera on your system, you can follow below steps to add the camera/ back to your system. 

1. First of all, take the cameras close to the NVR and install antennas for cameras and NVR.

2. Then plug the camera to power using the included power adapter.

3. Use an ethernet network cable (RJ45) to connect the camera to NVR's LAN port.


Use a network cable to connect the camera to any of NVR's LAN port (for 3 LAN Port &1 WAN port NVR)


Use an ethernet cabel to connect the camera to WAN Port of NVR (for 1080P NVR)


4. In the NVR system using a mouse, right click on the screen to enter main menu, then from the options click Device manage (or Video Manager) to enter device manage interface.

5. The above box shows info of your cameras; the box below shows channel info of your NVR.

6. Check which channel camera show status "IPC disconnect" or "No video Source" or "Failed connect”. Then for that camera click "Delete" and then click “Save” in the interface.

7. Find out your new camera on the above box and select it. If you don't see your new camera, click refresh manage interface. 


8. Select an unoccupied channel of your NVR from below box and click “Match Code”. It will take few seconds for the camera and NVR to get connected.

9.After it's successfully connected, you will see the Status change to “Connect Success” on the channel. Camera information will disappear from above box and the camera is now successfully paired to your NVR system. 


10. Then you can Remove camera network cable, unplug and move the camera to anywhere you want. When it gets power, it will automatically reconnect (camera needs to be in the wireless range to be able to reconnect successfully).

11. At last, connect the NVR WAN port with LAN port of home router via Ethernet cable, make sure your system cloud(p2p) is online. Then you can remote view the cameras on phone app or PC client. 

Tip 1: Make sure your camera is powered and connected to the NVR. You can cover the light lens with your hand to see if LEDs light up. If they do, it means your camera is getting power. 

Tip 2: If you want to change camera of a certain channel, select and delete channel in the NVR channel list (the below box), match code the right camera to the channel you want